A Perfect Couple Remastered CD- SIGNED!


Ted Neeley “A Perfect Couple” Soundtrack (1979) Remastered +5 Bonus Tracks! Signed by Ted Neeley.


As part of the fictional rock band “Keep”Em Off The Streets”, Ted leads this group of talented musicians and singers in Robert Altman’s romantic comedy!!


15 total songs, limited to 200 printed copies!


Track listing:

  1. Hurricane
  2. Don’t Take Forever
  3. Fantasy
  4. Won’t Somebody Care?
  5. Searching For The Light
  6. Lonely Millionaire
  7. Week-End Holiday
  8. Love Is All There Is
  9. Something’s Got A Hold On Me
  10. Goodbye Friends
  11. Island of the Lotus Eaters (from ‘Ulysses’ 40th Anniversary)
  12. One Thing Sure to Get You There (from ‘Ulysses’ 40th Anniversary)
  13. Blame It On The Night (30th Anniversary of ‘Blame It On The Night’)
  14. Another One Night Stand (30th Anniversary of ‘Blame It On The Night’)
  15. One By One (30th Anniversary of ‘Blame It On The Night’)

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